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Anyone who is interested to serve Special Children, can provide volunteer services to Proyash. We encourage everyone to be a part of this noble service. At this moment students from different school, colleges and universities; professionals from other organisations; parents and relatives of special children are providing volunteer services to Proyash. This is an unique opportunity to learn about the special children and grow awareness about them.

Volunteer service
How to Apply

1. Write and application to ‘Executive Director & Principal, Proyash Institute of Special Education, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka.

2. After the approval of the principal, you will be given opportunity to work in any of the schools of Proyash.

3. The Vice-Principal will arrange the scopes to work in different schools in turn.

4. The In-charge of the respective schools will guide you and monitor your activities while working with the special children.


If anyone completes at least three months of volunteer service at Proyash, he/she will receive an acknowledgement certificate signed by Executive Director & Principal.