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School of Autism

Owing to neuro-developmental disorder, autistic children face problems to communicate and build social contact. They repeat the same behaviour or act. Apart from these limitations, these children have some inherent talent like sharp visual power and memory as well as creativity. If proper training and nursing are provided, they can achieve tremendous success. In Proyash the Autism school is divided into two levels-Junior level (age group 6-10) and Middle level (age group 11-14).

The teaching programme is set according to the learner's age. Capacity and need, functional curriculum Includes both pre-vocational and training on daily activities. Training is provided considering specialized curriculum and Evidence Based Practices. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is devised for each learner too.

we emphasize co-operative learning
playing with lego
activities of senior students of Proyash
preparation for taking in group based game