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Proyash Institute of Special Education Chattogram

Chattogram Proyash started its journey on 70 December 2006 to provide the education and skill development of the children with special needs both from defense and civil society.

The institute was inaugurated with the land area of 3.17 acre. At present. ChattoRram Proyash has 34 teachers, 9 therapists and 25 assistants, and this team is serving around 180 students here.

The facilities provided by Chattogram Proyash are:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language Therapy
  • Music and Dance
  • Home visit
  • Teacher's training, etc.
The success of Chattagram Proyash o as follows :
Academic 1 JSC, 3 PEC
Sports 17 medaIs, including 6 Gold medals

Job Placement: A good number of students have already been rehabilitated in various organisation like Fortune Apparels ltd. Canteen Stores Department (CSD) exclusive shop and in Chattogram Proyash.

The institute has a future plan to establish a campus to accommodate about 600 students with multidisciplinary facilities.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Chattogram
Chattogram Cantonment
Tel: 031-2582250-4 Ext 3184,4080
respected chief patron meeting students
classroom at Chattagram Proyash
students performing at cultral programmes
classroom activities of Jasshore Proyash

Proyash Institute of Special Education Jashore

Proyash. Jashore Area storied it’s Journey on 24 April 2008, as part ol social responsibility of Army with a view to helping the children with special needs arid to establish them in the society.

At first, this institution started its activities at the auditorium of SPKS and was named 'Sena Sahayak School'. Later on, as per the directives of Proyash Dhaka (Central School), this name was changed to the present name 'Proyash’.

The Institute was inaugurated with the land area of 7.57 acre. At present, Jashore Proyash has 23 teachers, 4 Therapists and 16 teaching staff aid 4 other staff. This team is serving arourd 110 students here.

The institute has a future plan to develop a national level institution for the education and rehabilitation of children with physical and mental disabilities in order to help them win existing odds and become valuable to family and society. Research, develop and facilitate the most potential ability of each special child by special training with a view to bringing them mto normal life and rehabilitate into society.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Jashore
Jashore Cantonment
Cell: 01769553739

Proyash Institute of Special Education Bogura

Bogura Proyas was established on 05 October 2008 with only 07 students in Bogura cantonment.At present, Bogura Proyash is in a temporary building. Now it has near about 125 students with different disabilities.

The school campus is about 1.4 acre and differently abled students are guided by 16 teacher, 4 therapists and 9 teaching staff.

The services and activities which are provided by Bogura Proyash are quite similar to our Centra Proyash.

We are proud to let you know our success story of some students like one who achieved 18th position in National Children Art Competition and Exhibition. 2016 and has received gold medal from honourable Minister, Mr. Hasanul Haq inu, MP.

Another student received 1st position in district level and division stage and 2nd position in national stage.

She has a also participated in channel “I” Khude Ganraj 2016 and became 2nd among top twenty competents.

6 students of Bogura Proyash participated in PEC Exams held in 2015, among them one got golden GPA 5 ard others got A-grade which is very encouraging.

Future Plan of Bogura Proyash is to build six storied modern school complex. We want to serve the children of greater North Bengal in better and hope to raise the standard of this institute to an international standard.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Bogura
Jahangirabad Cantonment, Bogura
Tel: 051-60511 ext-3086
Cell :01769123087
student reveiving certificate from honourable Advocate Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
art competition held at Proyash, Bogura by Faber Castle
art competition held on International Mother Language Day
studetns performing in the cultral programme

Proyash Institute of Special Education Comilla

Comilla Proyash started Its course on 01 March 2012 under 33 Infantry division of Bangladesh Army which is also a branch of our Comilla Proyash. At present. Comilla Proyash is operating its programme with 77 students, 19 teachers, 2 therapists and 17 teaching staff.

The size of this institute is 1.97 acre and is located in front of Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Comilla. The services and activities which are provided by Comilla Proyash are quite similar to our Central Proyash.

The future plan of this institute is to shift this school to a new location on the northern side of the Dhaka Chattagram highway near the Combined Military Hospital.

In Special Olympic talent hunt (for the disabled children) the Students of Comilla Proyash achieved 7 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze Medals.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Comilla
Cell 01769336176
Tel: 3179

Proyash Institute of Special Education Savar

Savar Proyash started its Journey on 02 September 2012 with the commitment of mainstreaming the children with special needs and is dedicated to the well being of children who are disadvantaged due to the lack of proper education, treatment and socialization.

Savar Proyash is situated beside Savar Cantonment Public School and College. The three storied building is supposed to be constructed by Dec 2017. Each floor surrounds about 15.000 sq-ft of size.

At present, Savar Proyash is running its programmes with 112 students who are receiving Special Education, Method and technique as well as customised NCTB curriculum where needed. 18 teachers, 3 therapists and 11 teaching staff are working here.

Savar Proyash creates undoubtedly a modern-friendly environment by 3D illustration of all over the school including therapy room, homely ADL programme, specialised library, effective vocational programme, playstation, playground, well-planned garden and an accessible canteen.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Savar
Savar Cantonment, Savar
Cell: 01789897722
Tel: 9093166
respected chief patron visitng Savar Proyash
respected chairperson of National Advisory Committee on Autism and Neuro-development Disorder visiting at Savar Proyash
education Director visited Proyash, Rangpur in 2017
classroom activities of Rangpur Proyash

Proyash Institute of Special Education Rangpur

Rangpur Proyash started its Journey on 29 October 2012 for the wellbeing of persons and children with special needs. The Institute was established on a land area of 91 decimal. At present it has 8 teachers. 2 therapists and 10 teaching staff to serve around 125 students.

The educational programmes offered by Rangpur Proyash are:

  • Early Childhood Education Programme (2-5 years)
  • School of Autism
  • School of Intellectual Disabled
  • School of Hearing Impaired
  • School of Physically Challenged

The facilities provided by the Institute are:

  • Dance and Music
  • Swimming
  • Teachers training programme
  • Home visit
  • Awareness programme, etc.

The students of Rangpur Proyash regularly participate in various extra curricular activities. One student secured 3rd position in an art competition held at Dhaka on 21 November 2016.

The institute has a future plan to extend the existing building upto 8th floor and to facilitate its service to 300 children.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Rangpur
Rangpur Cantonment
Cell: 01769663176
Tel: Civil-0521-56061, Army 3176
E mail:

Proyash Institute of Special Education Ghatail

Ghatail Proyash is an ambitious programme sponsored by Bangladesh Army. It is the seventh branch of central “Proyash” situated in the southeast comer of Shaheed Salahuddin Cantonment at Gatail, established in May 2014 in an area of 9-15 acre.

Initially, it started its journey with only 44 students and 2 teachers. But, thanks to the philanthropists like Bangladesh Association of Banks and its generous donations. Ghatail Proyash has now a large building complex, fully equipped to provide services to more than 400 children with special needs, mainly aimed at serving the surrounding areas of Tangail, Mymensingh and Jamalpur districts.

The care and special services that are offered at Ghatail Proyash are:

  • Speech and language therapy
  • Sports facilities
  • Dance, Music & Recreation
  • Free Transport Service
  • Emergency Medical Support
  • Tiffin (Meal)
  • Annual Picnic
  • Parents' Meeting ( Guideline), etc.

Ghatail Proyash welcomes enquiries from parents of the children with special need to be admitted into its Primary Section with Early childhood Development Programme (ECDP).

Contact Address:
Proyash, Ghatail
Cell: 01769 193714
Tel: 3714
respected chief patron signing on visitor's book
students playing in the field of Proyash, Ghatail Area
chief patron Shoma Haq visiting class activities at Proyash, Rajshahi
glimpse of vocational training

Proyash Institute of Special Education Rajshahi

Rajshahi Proyash was established for the well being of persons and children with special needs. It started its journey on 01 January 2016 with only 10 students.

In this institute, students' age ranges from 3 to 22 years. The students are placed in different sections and classes according to their impairment level, age and functional ability, Presently, 9 teachers and 3 teaching staff are managing all the needs of the students. This institute maintains the classroom activities and programmes along with fundamental facilities and services as of central Proyash.

Being run by Bangladesh Army, Rajshahi Proyash scored its mark within a very short time. One student secured 1st position m Armed forces Day Art Competition 2016 arranged amongst schools and colleges at Bangladesh Army level.

The number of students are growing day by day. In near future “Proyash Rajshahi” will have its siw storied modern specialised institute complex. With all the facilities available and support from all corners of the society. Rajshahi Proyash will live up to its expectation.

Contact Address:
Proyash, Rajshahi
Rajshahi Cantonment
Mobile: 01710552085
Tel: 760071 external 3174