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Prosthetic & Orthotic (P&O) Department:

Prosthetic & Orthotic (P&O) Department of Proyash started orthotic services in collaboration with ICRC (International committee of the Red Cross). P&O department is a new addition of support service and this is fulfilling rehabilitation service of Proyash. Within very short time more than 150 patients from school children and outdoor service patients came under the services. A quality full orthotic services (AFO, KAFO, Foot orthosis, Upper limb orthosis etc.) enriching the services of Proyash with its ICRC based international standard orthotic service by functional capacity building of the children and person with disability with protection from deformity and maintain ability.

Children getting checked up
Children getting treatment
Making of Prosthetic
Making of Prosthetic in lab

Orthotic Products of ICRC:

Products of ICRC