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PROTTOY students are expected to wear selected uniform at school, on outings and study tours.
Black shoes and white socks.(all time)
Red Pullover ( for winter)


All books are carefully selected and updated on a regular basis. Each year the curriculum is improved in accordance with international standards, keeping in mind the existing social and cultural parameters.

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM’s) are held twice each year. Parents are invited to come and meet teachers to discuss their child’s progress. They are encouraged to use this opportunity to discuss any school related problem.Other school related problems should be addressed through special appointments with the Class Teacher or the Head of School.

Parents cannot enter the school or classrooms at any time unless specifically invited. When visiting or when arriving for appointments they should contact the office. Parents cannot send money to the class teachers to purchase tiffin or send tiffin in the middle of the classes. They should send it with the student.

Classes cannot be interrupted to give students books (which parents send late). They will be given at the next break in class. Any parent wanting homework for an absent student must contact the appropriate teacher after school. Parents are advised to label all belongings and clothing with the student’s name to prevent loss and to help teachers to identify them during class.

Parents are requested not to telephone teachers and other staff at home unless absolutely urgent, and certainly not after 7 p.m. In normal circumstances telephone the school office. A message will be taken for the teacher to call you back.

A Partnership with Parents

In order to get the most out of a student’s years at PROTTOY, it is essential for parents to establish an understanding and partnership with the management and teachers. The following guidelines are suggestions to help motivate students and build a successful working relationship between parents and the school authorities:

Parents should keep in regular contact with their child’s teachers and update the school of any difficulties the child may be facing, primarily through diary notices. That way, teachers will be better equipped to deal with each child’s individual needs.

Absenteeism should be reported to the school initially by a phone call and followed by a letter.

Parents need to ensure that their child gets adequate sleep in order to perform well in class the next day.

Reading regularly is a good habit and parents should cultivate this from infancy. Parents should read to their child when they are unable to do so themselves. As children get older, they should be encouraged to read on their own.

Restrict the number of hours of TV, internet and mobile per week, as well as the program watched and websites accessed.

Set a fixed time every evening for homework and studying for tests. Children should have an hour or two of undisturbed time with their books. This will nurture a lifelong habit of discipline and concentration.

At least one member of the household should speak in English with the student at home.

Throughout the academic year parents are invited to meet members of PROTTOY. Parents are urged to use these opportunities to air their views and put forward their suggestions and observations to build a positive working relationship with the school faculty.