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Healthier Diet Healthier Mind

Diet and nutrition play an important role for the healthy growth cil the baby. Unfortunately, children with special needs may not always be able to obtain adequate nutrition from food due to varied difficulties I.e. problem In chewing and swallowing, sensory problem, unrest etc. Due to the absence of balanced diet, the children may suffer from weight low, constipation, anemia, mouth sores and inflammation, diarrhoea, vitamin deficiency and various bacterial infections. On the contrary, gluten acquired from foods made from wheat and wheat flour; and casein acquired from milk and dairy products are two of the probable reasons for children's hyperactivity, sleep disorders and indigestion. Such problems may also arise because of absence and/or excessive presence of calcium, potassium, iron, manganese etc. in the body. Balanced and prescribed diet for children can minimize potential health issues.

Proyash has got an experienced dietitian who provides diet chart based on a child's individual need and also guides parents regarding proper food preparation and preservation techniques.

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