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The academic year 2010 to 2013, students had mainstreamed from ECDP to regular school. Besides this, 28 students are transferred in other schools of Proyash. Some students are being prepared to go to regular school.

Academic Achievement
(Primary school)

In this year, a total of 18 students were educated and mainstreamed in primary schools and followed the national curriculum. At this stage 10 Students attended the primary school certificate exam and passed successfully. Two of Proyash students attended Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) in 2014 under Open University.

Academic Achievement Primary school
Academic Achievement Hi School
Academic Achievement
(Hi school)

The School of Hearing Impairment has some remarkable successes which include the followings – Two students got admission in regular school; 8 students are studying at Inclusive school of Proyash (Primary and Secondary level); 2 students qualified Primary School Certificate (PSC); In addition, successful participation in Dance and Art competition and different types of awards in games and sports are won by the students at various levels (International level, National level and School level).

Vocational and reintegration School
(rehabilitation school for the youth)

PROYASH provides vocational training to the adults with disability in different trades. It is intended that having these skills improve the likelihood of future employment hence providing them with a sense of independence, purpose and meaning.. Students after graduating from special and primary school (unable to follow regular curriculum and became older) of Proyash at the age of 17 years they are transferred to vocational school and have received functional training in the area of functional academics such as counting, reading, writing, life skills along with a specific vocation were she or he has interest and aptitude. They are called as trainees/workers.

Proyash Sewing Hand Craft
Proyash Hand Craft
Proyash Computer Class

The following vocations are offered sewing, embroidery and making handicraft. The vocational school started functioning as a separate school on 2013 with new trades. This expansion allowed 50 young adults experiencing a number of conditions including Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectually impaired, hearing impaired and autism to be involved. Though the school has started working in a small scale there is continuing partnership with the the outlet of “Sena Shomver”.

  • Sewing and embroidery-they produce quilt, stitched bag, cushion covers.
  • Greeting cards for New Year and for Eid
  • Craft items-a large quantity of craft items ( flower vase with flowers, jewellery) were produced in the craft workshop and sold last year.
  • Office and shop management
  • Computer Skills.