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About Proyash

Proyash –is a specialized organization that values the holistic development of all children with special educational needs through multidimensional programs. Proyash is functioning under the patronization of Bangladesh Army since July 2006. Proyash runs similar programs in Jessore, Bogra, Chittagong, Rangpur, Savar, Comilla, Shyllhet and Ghatail area. All the services and facilities are open for all types of children with special needs of Bangladesh and other nationalities. The institute also serves as training and research center for the development of special education teachers and therapists.

A multidisciplinary specialist team uses standardized tools for assessment and draw up goals to provide evidence based therapy and training for every admitted student. An experienced doctor provides health care services and medical records are maintained for special care and management in emergency situations. Therapeutic services comprises of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), Occupational Therapy (OT),Physiotherapy, Behaviour Therapy and Counseling, Hydrotherapy and Music Therapy & Yoga.

Admission in Proyash is open for children with special needs from all communities of Bangladesh. A high profile Central Committee formulates policy guidelines for all Proyash and Governing body assist to function each Proyash.



To emerge as a centre of excellence through multidimensional activities to explore and develop full potential of each individual with special needs to integrate them into the society


  • To provide education, training and therapy for rehabilitation of the children and youth with special needs
  • To generate awareness about disabilities in the society
  • To provide professional degrees and training for parents, teachers and professionals; and carry out research for development
  • To promote equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of person with special needs

Expanding Special Education Countrywide: A Positive Initiative of Bangladesh Army

Every child possesses intellectual potentials. They can learn naturally and spontaneously. However, children with special educational needs require special support. Since these children seem to be different from other children, they learn gradually to be independent with proper care and guidance in a suitable training environment. Even some children are capable of exhibiting extraordinary qualities and can attain outstanding success. In this regard, Proyash has created an opportunity to provide services for developing the full potential of each individual with special educational needs through implementing multidimensional programmes and promote their dignified life and empowerment. The positive initiatives of Bangladesh Army has been contributing remarkably to achieving Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) of government and expanding intervention and educational facilities in the remote areas of the country.

Let the light of education spread among children

Proyash Institute of Special Education, as a one-stop service, ensures an appropriate intervention and health service to the children and young adults with special needs to make them capable of leading an independent life. Proyash provides multidimensional services that are required for the intervention of these children. There are five main programmes in which special education programme is the main one and the other four are supportive ones. Throughout the country, total 11 branches of Proyash are providing special education for 1180 students with a view to creating an inclusive and child-friendly environment. Following the systems of central Proyash, these branches are providing education, health and vocational training to the remote areas. Total 256 teachers, 45 therapists and 227 employees including teaching assistants, administrative officers and staff are serving together for the children with special needs.

Proyash Administration

Success of Proyash in Introducing Special Education

Proyash was the first organisation to introduce special educational structure in Bangladesh. It has imparted training to children with special needs to develop day to day efficiency. The organisation has made outstanding endeavours to bring forth a relevant context of special education to the mainstream education.

Proyash has adapted programmes to organize the classes of children aged 6 to 16 years in accordance with their need, type, efficiency (aptness) and age. A comprehensive curriculum is also formulated to cope up with the existing education of mainstream curriculum.

Proyash Education System