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ICT Competition - National Level

The students of Proyash participated in "ICT Competition for Youth with Disabilities" and secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

ICT Competition - International Level

A student who secured 1st position at national level, got the opportunity to represent Bangladesh in China in international ICT competition for Youth with Disabilities.

An Outstanding Journey of Rafid Ahsan on the Ground of Information and Technology

Rafid Ahasn

Age-18 years 10 months

Class- S. S. C, Part-1 Studying in Bangladesh Open University and trainee in the computer lab of Proyash Institute of Special Education.

Rafid participated in International ICT Competition for Youth with Disabilities held in China

Rafid got admitted to Proyash on 19 December 2009. He was calm by nature but inquisitive. Within a very short time he acquired more proficiency in Math. Besides, he was also very keen on using computer. His talent was acclaimed in national and international arena. Rafid participated in national and international level of ICT Competition. He secured 1st position at "ICT Competition for Youth with Disabilities" in national level. Rafid not only showed his capability in computer literacy but also passed in PEC and JSC examination successfully.

Before attending International ICT Competition for Youth with Disabilities, Rafid with the computer instructor from Korea