PROYASH is an institute run under the patronisation of Bangladesh Army dedicated for the wellbeing of persons and children with special needs. Welcome Its primary objective is to educate and train children and youths with special needs. Besides, the institute is also working to generate awareness about disability in Bangladesh; develop quality teachers, therapists and caregivers; and empower persons with disability to ensure equal opportunities and promote disability friendly right based society. Children both from defence and civil society receive services and participate in the activities of PROYASH. Currently PROYASH has its branches at Dhaka, Savar, Ghatail, Chittagong, Comilla,Rangpur, Bogra and Jessore cantonment.


"Special child special right"


To emerge as a centre of excellence with multi-dimensional activities with the objective to explore and develop to the fullest, the potential of each individual with special needs and integrate them with the society

Current Spectrum of Services

Special School

  • Early Childhood Development/pre-school Program
  • Primary School Program
  • Special class for Activities Daily Living and Life-skill training
  • Skill Training and Maintenance Education Program
  • Special Unit for Children with Autism, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment

Therapeutic Unit Therapeutic Unit

  • Occupational and Physiotherapy
  • Sensory Integration
  • Speech and Language
  • Dance and Music

Vocational training Unit - Other Facilities

  • Playground
  • Swimming
  • Medical Support
  • IT Support Test

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